“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at SSG Real Estate who took part in the process of selling the property at 75 McKee Street, East Hartford, CT., Avi, Shamya, Kathy and Maryellen, we couldn’t have done this without all of your care and efforts. I am deeply appreciated for all you have done and especially for relieving me from the burden of this responsibility. Although, I feel very sad I no longer own what was once my home, I am very happy that is now someone else’s and that the property will no longer be abandoned. Thank you all, God has answered my prayers and we have succeeded. I will continue to have you in my prayers for continued success and prosperity in your lives as well as good health and most of all Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who made it all happen so soon. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND PROSPEROUS 2012 YEAR AND BEYOND.” – Maria Ortiz


“Hi I wanted to write a note of thanks. When I called I was extremely Skeptical but really wanted to sell my home. Avi Ron called me within minutes of calling and walked me through the process and answered all my questions. He came out the next day and I had an offer in hand. We closed by the end of the month. As he told me on the first conversation there was no cost to me to get an offer and I was under obligation to sell my home, but I am sure glad I called. Now my home is sold and it was hassle free, it was as is, and I put more money in my pocket than I expected.” – Natalie M.


“When I started to call these we buy houses companies I found on the internet I most of them did not return my calls and most of them were not a local company. I was happy when I received a call from Capital Area Home buyers literally 15 minutes after I called in. Right on the phone they were able to answer any questions with me , there was no high pressure like those other companies. After 10 minutes on the phone Ron was able to give me an offer subject only to seeing the home. We closed very quickly there after.”  -Fred E.


“At at time when the housing market seemed to come to a halt, we found a way out from under our house we had been trying to sell for many months. Though we are just in the early stage of our relationship, you have been very straightforward and prompt in answering all our concerns and questions.”  – Richard S.


“You have been very helpful with house issues, and repairs have been performed quickly and painlessly for us. You are easy to deal with and responsible, and we recommend you wholeheartedly!”  – Julie F.


I really thought that there were no more alternatives. You not only took the time, but went the extra mile. You not only welcomed us, but made sure we were satisfied. You are the kind of landlord everyone is seeking. We are so excited to be in our new home.” – Ronald M.

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